13th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Symbolic Computation


Speaker: Professor Chee K. Yap (New York University, USA)

Title: FIND-PATH as a Paradigmic Problem for AI and Symbolic Computation


We give a brief history of the FIND-PATH problem in AI. It serves as a paradigm of general AI problems by exhibiting the same tensions as an ongoing debate: is AI fundamentally symbolic or connectionist (numeric)?

Symbolic treatment of FIND-PATH has a natural home in the algebraic computation literature ever since the seminal work of Schwartz-Sharir (1983). Mirroring the current interest in numerical methods for algebraic computation, we have introduced resolution-exactness as a numerical approach to the algebraic FIND-PATH problem. Using the Soft Subdivision Search (SSS) framework, we have demonstrated that our theory can support correct (validated) implementations with state-of-art performance. Finally, we outline some new challenges and extensions.